TV2 Sumo partnered with Cavai to test out an integrated branding and performance solution using Cavai’s unique mobile-first Bubble.


TV2 Sumo together with Cavai. Cavai provided creative technology with both contributing to execution.


Early 2020


A highly engaging conversational campaign on mobile, using Cavai Bubble.


The campaign resulted in 2% engagement rate, with 28% of those who started completing the conversation, and 1.93% overall  campaign conversion rate.


TV 2 Sumo is a leading streaming service in Norway, but they have an image problem. People perceive them as a streaming service for sportsseriesshows, but not for moviesNow, after strengthening their library with over 200 new movies, they wanted to quickly and convincingly get the word out that they are definitely a streaming service to consider in the movie segment too. In addition to newsletters, bumper ads, traditional media advertising, and static display ads, TV2 Sumo wanted to test out conversational advertising.

The Campaign Idea: Whilst most streaming services focus on a couple of premiers, some new offerings, or the occasional montage of content,  they don’t really use advertising to help people with the eternal question; “what am I going to watch today?”.

A poster ad showing a premiere of a new show works great to raise awareness for that specific show, but people’s tastes are more complex.

Some like thrillers, some like comedy, others just want to cry their hearts out.

The conversational solution seemed obvious. We advise people on something specific to watch based on what they are in the mood for and let TV2 Sumo shine as the expert on movies.

Using  Cavai conversational ad creative, we simply posed the question:
Which movie should you watch?”, “Take the test here!”, and let the conversation do its work.

A simple decision tree model lets people for example say they were in the mood for something fun, then narrowed into something feel-good, finally stating they wanted something for the whole family. “Then we know just the thing!”. “Head here to check it out!”.

Which movie should you watch? Take the test here!

The dialogue steered people into a landing page, after a brief conversation.