Nordea’s first steps into conversational advertising convinced them that it was a valuable vertical to any advertising campaign.




April 2019


The results outperformed Google and Facebook in performance (cost per conversion), and ended up with numbers that proved the value of conversational advertising.

– 4,4% conversion rate

– 9X higher conversion than the benchmark

– 3,62% CTR

– 12400% ROI

The client, Pernille Ødegaard Pryser said “We are delighted with the results of our conversational advertising campaign that we did together with Cavai. Not only are we happy with the results, but the collaboration has been fun, professional and very agile.”


Getting people to sign up for mortgages is always a challenge. It’s a huge decision for the consumer, and they tend to need a lot of information before they feel safe enough to put down their signature. Traditional display ads have the ability to entice, but to truly inform people they tend to fall short.

Using conversational advertising, Nordea was able to answer people’s questions and settle their worries.

The key point here was to make people quickly understand what this was – as they were suddenly met with an advertising format they had never before seen.

Using a Cavai custom format, namely a sticky bubble in the corner, mimicking social media messaging formats, people were drawn into the conversation, with a clear idea of what they were going into.

Nordea got the chance to help people who were looking to buy a new home, and surprisingly, a large number of conversations came from the people who were initially disinterested.

Everything started with a simple question:

“Hi, I am Nordea’s homebot, my task it to help whomever I can with getting their dream home 🏠”

The dialogue steered people into a landing page, after a brief conversation.